Home Delivery Service List

We are still doing out delivery service for those who need to isolate and can not get out of the house. Phone 0161 7662941 to order or email us at info@roma.ltd.uk. Please put your order in the day before so we can send it out the next morning.

*All bread baked fresh daily*

Small Bloomer Loaves W/G £1.20
Large Bloomer W/G £2.00
Bagels/Olive oil buns/Granary buns 35p each
Potato cakes 60p Each
Scones 60p Each

Vanilla slices £1.90
Large pie slices inc Torta Della Nonna & Amacialata (please enquire) £2.80 each
Strega Mount Vesuvio £3.10 each
Tiramisu pots £2.80 each
Amaretti biscuits  each or 4 small for £2.00 (GF)
Florentine Large £2.00 each or 4 small for £2.00 (GF)

Mini Cannoli/Sfogliatelle Various Flavours 80p Each


Smoked ham £1.70/100g
San Daniele (cured ham) £2.80/100g
Mortadella £1.25/100g
Salame (please enquire) £1.70/100g
Pastrami £1.70/100g

Pancetta (similar to streaky Bacon) £1.70/100g

Nduja, Guanciale, Coppa, Calabrese, Bresaola also available
*other meats available please enquire*
Pieces of Provolone/ Parmegianno/ Pecorino available (prices vary)
Buffala Mozzarella £1.60

Caciotta (mixed sheep& cows milk) Creamy table cheese £1.25/ 100g

Caciotta with peperoncino £1.25/ 100g

Caciacavallo £12.00/kg

Pecorino Colissardo £1.20/100g

Pecorino with pepper Corns £1.20/100g

Mascarpone 250g £1.45 each 500g £2.95
Mozzarella £1.40
Ricotta £1.40

Jarlsberg £1.25/100g

Marinated olives £1.20/100g
Sundried Tomatoes £1.60/100g
Artichokes £1.60/100g
Courgettes £1.60/100g

We have a wide range of pasta & shapes in stock including Pastina, Lasagne sheets & Cannelloni. From £1.50/500g bags. Please enquire, we will no doubt have your favourite shape in stock! GF options available.

Homemade Dried Pasta £3.00/ 500g bags

Roma Homemade pasta Sauces:
Large Bottles Basil/Hot & Spicy £4.50 each (both suitable for Vegans)

Puttanesca £4.95

Pesto Vegan/Original/red £2.30

We have a wide selection including Mulino Bianco Biscuits, please enquire

Home made ice cream Various flavours £3.95/tub

Semolina Flour £1.95
Flour £1.75
Potato Flour £2.50

Breadcrumbs (made from our bread) 500g £1.95

Olive oil 1 litre £7.50

Olive oil 5 Litre tins £30.00

Crema Balsamico £6.95

Lemon Balsamic glaze £3.95

Balsamic 1L £3.00

Flavoured Oils Lemon, Organo, Garlic or chilli £3.70

Red wine vinegar 500ml £1.95 1L £3.00

Arborio Risotto rice £1.75

Polenta Instant £1.50
Paneangeli (Raising agent) 75p each
Eggs 6 pack £1.20
Milk small 80p Large £1.80
Cartons of Juice £1.80
Cans of San Pellegrino various flavours £1.00 each
Still/Sparkling water £1.00 each
Tins of Tomatoes 95p each
San Marzano tomatoes £1.95 each
Bottles of passata £1.50 each
Tomato paste £3.00/ large tin
Dried lentil/beans £1.95/bag
Lentils/beans 65p/tin
Stock cubes Chicken/Vegetable/ beef £1.20 each
Kimbo Ground Coffee £3.50/pack
Kimbo Beans 1KG bag £14.50
Jam:Strawberry/fig/plum/marmalade £2.20 each

Camomile Tea £2.50

Crostini mini crackers various flavours £1.75 per bag

Italian White Tuna Fillet in Olive Oil £5.50 each

Anchiovies £1.95

Small spicy peppers stuffed with tuna £3.95

Peperoncino (spicy chillies in oil)  £2.25

Jars of Courgettes/mushrooms/ mixed veg in oil £2.95 each

Dried porcini mushrooms 10g £2.50

Capers £1.50

Italian Butter Unsalted £1.95

*Fresh Yeast, please enquire*

Montepulciano 1.5L Red Wine/Trebbiano 1.5L  white wine/ Rose Merlot Rosato 1.5L  wine £10.95 Bottle

*we have a wide range of red & white wines including Prossecco please enquire*


Peroni/Moretti £1.80 Each

Baci Chocolate bars £4.95



Fresh Homemade sausages (frozen) Various sizes/prices please enquire £1.35/100g

Polpette meatballs 8 per pack (no sauce)  £5.50



These are our usual individual large portions we usually serve in the cafe / serves 2 small portions
Lasagna £7.20
Minestrone Soup£4.95
Chicken Soup £5.20
Beef Stew £8.40
Panzerotti £7.75
Parma& lentil  Soup £5.20

Spaghetti Bolognese £7.65

Tomato and pepper soup £4.90

Linguine with Tomato sauce £6.50

Meat Tortellini/Ravioli In a tomato sauce £7.75

Polpette (in sauce) £8.40