To protect our Customers & Staff we are encouraging customers to stay at home. To take the strain off supermarkets & to help our community we are offering a delivery ONLY service. This means our Shop/Deli will be closed to the public. Any orders will be taken over the phone, please call 0161 766 2941. Please pay by card to ensure no handling of money. Alternatively email your orders to and provide contact details. This service will operate Monday to Friday 9am-3pm. Orders before 1pm for same day delivery. Orders taken after 1pm Friday will be delivered the following Monday. 

*Please inform us of any dietary Requirements*


Deli/Shop Price list




*All bread baked fresh daily*

Small Bloomer Loaves W/G £1.50

Large Bloomer W/G £2.30

Bagels/Olive oil buns/Granary buns 40p each

Potato cakes 80p Each

Scones 80p Each

Homemade Cakes

Vanilla slices £2.20

Large pie slices inc Torta Dell Nonna & Amacialata (please enquire) £3.20 each

Tiramisu pots £3.40 each

Amaretti small with Choc 80p Large no Choc £1.00 (GF)

Florentine Small no Choc 80p Large with Choc £2.30 (GF)

Deli Meats & Cheeses

Rosemary ham £1.90/100g

San Daniele (cured ham) Bresaola (cured Beef) £3.00/100g

Mortadella £1.35/100g

Salame Milano/ Napoli/ Vetriscina/ Finocchiona £1.90/100g

Pastrami £1.90/100g

*other meats available please ask*

Pieces of Provolone/ Parmigiano Reggiano/ Pecorino available (prices vary)

Buffala Mozzarella £1.80

Mozzarella £1.60

Mascarpone 250g £1.65 500g £3.50

Ricotta £1.70

Jarlsberg £1.45/100g

Olives & Sundries

Marinated olives £1.40/100g

Sundried Tomatoes £1.70/100g

Artichokes £1.70/100g

Courgettes £1.70/100g

Pasta & Sauces

We have a wide range of pasta & shapes in stock including Pastina, Lasagne sheets & Cannelloni. From £1.50/500g bags. Please ask, we will no doubt have your favourite shape in stock! Gluten Free options available.

Dried Tortellini Cured ham/Dried Ravioletti 3 cheese £1.95 250g bags

Roma Homemade pasta Sauces:

Large Bottles Basil/Hot & Spicy £4.50 each (both suitable for Vegans)

Pesto Vegan/Original/red £2.30

Biscuits & Homemade Ice Cream

We have a wide selection including Mulino Bianco Biscuits, please ask

Ice cream Various flavours £3.95/1 Litre

Cupboard Essentials

Semolina Flour £2.00

Flour £2.00

Polenta instant £2.00

Breadcrumbs (homemade) 500g £1.95

Pan Di Angelo (Raising agent) 75p each

Milk small 80p Large £1.80

Cartons of Juice £1.80

Cans of San Pellegrino various flavours £1.20 each

Still/Sparkling water £1.00 each

Tins of Tomatoes 95p each

San Marzano tomatoes £1.95 each

Bottles of passata £1.75 each

Dried lentil/beans 500g £1.95

Lentils/beans 65p/tin

Stock cubes Chicken/Vegetable £1.20 each

Extra Virgin Olive oil 1 litre bottles £7.50

Kimbo Ground Coffee £3.50/pack

Kimbo Beans 1KG bag £14.95

Jam:Strawberry £2.50 Fig £2.50 Plum £2.30 Marmalade £2.95

White Tuna (fillet) in olive Oil £5.50

Crostini Various flavour £1.85

Montepulciano 1.5LRed wine £10.95

Trebbiano white wine 1.5L £10.95

Peroni/Moretti   £2.00 each

Frozen Meals

These are our usual large individual portions or can be used as 2 smaller portions

Lasagna £7.70

Minestrone £5.00

Chicken Soup £5.00

Beef Stew £8.80

Panzerotti £7.70

Parma& lentil £5.00

Tomato& Pepper £5.00

Spaghetti Bolognese £7.70