Our History

In 1987 two families bought a small deli that sold lots of European products. They decided to make the deli products predominantly Italian. They then extended to make a small caffè, selling coffee, pizzas and sandwiches. In 2008 we moved premises during the redevelopment of Whitefield. To this day Roma is still very much family orientated, with three generations working to keep that family, friendly atmosphere.

The two sisters Lorraine and Anna were brought up in Little Italy, in Ancoats, from a family ice-cream business. Italy was brought to Manchester; family and food was the centre of their upbringings. Their paternal grandparents (Nonni) originated from Arpino, Frosinone. Their maternal grandmother (Nonna) originated from Roccasecca, Province di Frosinone, and their maternal grandfather (Nonno) originated from Casalvieri, Province di Frosinone near Roma.

Their husbands, Rocco and Giuseppe come from the same village, Gesualdo, Province di Avellino, the south of Italy, where their farming backgrounds gave them knowledge of food production and a thirst for home-made products. Together their love of food created a rustic delicatessen and menu for the caffè.

Main image above: Anna, Lorraine and their mother Claudia with family and other members of the Italian Community in the Italian Procession ‘Procession Della Rosario’ in Ancoats, 1955


First image: Armando Fulchini & Nerina Fulchini (father and mother of Rocco) take a visit to Manchester to see their new granddaughter, 1987
Second image: Gerard Rea with his new born son, Pietro Rea (father and brother of Anna & Lorraine) at Chapley Street, Collyhurst 1957


Above: Wedding of Claudia Rea and Gerardo Rea (mother & father of Anna & Lorraine), Blackburn, 1947

The town of Gesualdo, province of Avellino, Campania, Italy

The town of Arpino, province of Frosinone, Lazio, Italy

The town of Roccasecca, province of Frosinone, Lazio, Italy

The town of Casalvieri, province of Frosinone, Lazio, Italy